for Manufacturing

APE, ERP software system, manage data in Thai manufacturing industry, can be used anywhere,
anytime via Cloud, Lean Manufacturing Concept data management.

Technologies ERP Modules​


AppliCAD ERP (APE) for Manufacturing

APE ERP system that integrates modules of work management in all dimensions of the organization with tools to support the specific manufacturing industry suitable for a company Or a factory looking for an ERP system to manage accounting, finance, purchasing, HR, warehouse, shop floor, sales and marketing, etc.   << Download brochure >>

  • VALUABLE DATA : reliable, correct information
  • CREDIT ANALYSIS : analyze reports accurately
  • RISK MANAGEMENT : risk management and risk assessment
  • IMPROVING EFFICIENCY : systematic management
  • LIQUIDITY MANAGEMENT : liquidity Management
  • BETTER CONTROL : reduce redundant data and easy to check for errors
Do you know what APE is ??


APE : Quality ERP software system selected for industrial operators in Thailand. From a team of experienced and understanding of the industry It gives you time to develop your business. Let the difficult data management issues be at your fingertips.

“ Easy to install, complete work, complete in one system ”


With a team with over 10 years of ERP administration experience, we have installed more than 100 companies.


Continuous system development and after-sales services from AppliCAD’s team that are recognized by the industry.


Throughout the past period, we have the potential to receive a certificate with many guaranteed awards.
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Why install an ERP system with us ??

Why Choose Us?

ERP software system for corporate use, can be used anywhere, anytime through the cloud with confidence. APE helps your business to run fully. effectively The benefits gained from AppliCAD’s ERP system are as follows:


ERP to the organization as a whole
  • Integration of enterprise-wide data
  • More systematic and efficient management
  • Can see the overview of the business in a systematic way
  • Management receives accurate, complete, accurate information in a timely manner.
  • Adjust your strategy to compete quickly with your competitors. more flexible
  • Reduce mistakes. reduce redundant tasks
  • Reduce unnecessary expenses
ERP to industrial organizations
  • Convenient work on all platforms, easy, automatic, accurate information. less mistakes
  • Monitor stock in real time manage properly
  • Know the production status in real time production according to plan Flexible production planning
  • Delivery of goods as scheduled
  • Executives receive accurate, complete, timely reports with high quality information.
  • Help to cope with problems in a timely manner
  • Know the real cost of the product
Simple and Practical

Easy to use The end of the budget does not escalate

Works through Cloud

Can be used anytime, anywhere, customizable

Strengthens Business

Work anywhere increase competitiveness

Information Management

Lean Manufacturing Concept Management

Safe and Security system

It is safe to maintain data.

Professional Team

Professional team with attentive care

Customer Care

Taking care of customers in the industry

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“ Easy to install, complete work, complete in one system, budget does not escalate ”

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