Product Features

Web based software that can be used on Mobile Devices conveniently. The program has modern Dashboard and variety of presentation formats.
APEERP Features

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The software works through the web. Can be used on Mobile Devices, comfortable to use The module consists of a system of sales, receipts, purchases, payments, 5 accounting journals, and various tax systems.

  • The module consists of a system of sales, receipts, purchases, payouts, 5 accounting journals, and various tax systems, of which 5 journals consist of Daily Purchase (Account Payable), Daily Sales (Account Receivable), , Daily Receive ( Receive Voucher), daily payment (Payment Voucher) and general account (Journal Voucher).
  • Real time accounting system, users can view the list or report immediately after recording of transaction.
  • Support for direct keying into various journals for direct receipt/payment work, both cash, transfer and check
  • Support Thai, English and 50 other languages around the world. Support a variety of currencies.
  • There are basic tools such as log collection system, search system, grouping, view adjustment.
  • There is a modern Dashboard for executives. Able to modify various forms of data presentation
  • With an open system, the users can develop further according to their needs.
  • Support for importing data using Excel
  • Supports both Windows OS and Linux systems. Can be installed either On-Cloud or On-Premise. 

Sales Management and CRM

  • Sales Management System
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
  • Project Management System

Purchasing Management

  • Purchasing Management System
  • Project Management System Project Management
  • Dashboard Executive Decision Support System

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Management System
  • Quality Control System
  • Project Management System

Production Planing and Control

  • Manufacturing Management System Manufacturing
  • Quality Control System
  • Maintenance system Maintenance

Financials and Accounting

  • Account Receivable (AR) Account Receivable Management System
  • Account Payable (AP) Account Payable Management System
  • Tax management system
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